Design, build, publishing and consultancy of Digital Content Apps for tablets and smartphones plus distribution via Apple’s App Store, the Google Play store or the Amazon Appstore.


REACH - Digital can reach audiences across the globe on their preferred, mobile devices - tablets and smartphones. Since 2014 there are more mobile devices on the market than desktops and the time spent on mobile digital media is now significantly higher at 51% compared to 42% for desktops.

CONTENT - Content can be created with InDesign, HTML or PDF.

INTERACTIVE - Addition of video, audio, animation, and other highly interactive elements to capture the readers' attention and create an experience that print just can't match. The consumption of online video content is now higher on mobile devices than on desktops.

SPEED - Digital editions can be delivered fast, when the customers requires.

COST - Production, print and delivery costs can be dramatically reduced plus you can re-purpose your existing print content.

FUTURE - Global ownership of tablets and smartphones grows by millions, yes millions, each year! Plus, they spend 90% of their time using apps and only 10% using their browser. So why would you want to focus on those 10% when you can be part of the 90%?

If you would like a Digital Content App designed, created and published, or some Digital Publishing consultancy please contact Pete Owen.


The Digital Guide
to Fishing Knots
(iPad version)

The Smartphone Guide
to Fishing Knots
(iPhone version)

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